The Entrepreneur Center for Business Excellence (ECBE) is equipped to provide you with the proper tools to help you understand your divine and specialized call to the Marketplace.  With the Godly wisdom and knowledge that you gain from a more in-depth understanding of your role in your local community, you will become a more effecttive Entrepreneur or Business Owner in today's Marketplace.  


Is there a difference between an Entrepreneur or Business Owner?

Are Entreprenuers and Business Owners born or made?

We are here to help you identify what you have been called to do in the Marketplace.  Once you have discovered whether you are truly an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner, you can assume your proper role in the Marketplace.  

We assist you as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner in effectively identifying and demonstrating the principles of the Kingdom in the Marketplace.  These Kingdom principles will positively affect your local community, thus ultimately preparing you to function as salt and light to the global comunity.  

It's time for you to:

Run Your Race! 

Impact Your World!™

What should be, could be,  but can't be, until you are ready to be!

                                                        Glenn L. Williams, Sr.


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Run Your Race!  Impact Your World!™

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